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Meet Dr. Todd Hoare

Professor in Chemical Engineering at McMaster University

What we do:

The Hoare lab works at the interface of polymer engineering, physical chemistry, and biology, aiming to design novel materials with “smart” properties precisely tuned to the environment and application in which the material is to be used.  We have particular interest in the rational design of “smart” hydrogel-based materials on different length scales (i.e. bulk hydrogels, microgels, and nanogels).  We combine the synthetic tools of polymer chemistry, the analytical tools of physical chemistry, and the mathematical modelling tools of chemical engineering to create new hydrogels and other types of soft materials with chemistries, structures, and properties precisely engineered for applications in biomedical engineering (e.g. drug delivery, biosensors, and tissue engineering), agriculture/agrifood, and the environment.

We Focus On...


Hydrogel Fundamentals


Microgels & Nanogels


Drug Delivery


Tissue Engineering






Personal Care

NSERC CREATE ContRoL Training Program

The NSERC CREATE ContRoL Training Program aims to equip trainees with both technical and professional skills to enable them leverage these new technical advances to create real-world products that make an impact both in Canada and worldwide.  We aim to achieve this goal through a combination of diverse partnerships and training initiatives that will give trainees a comprehensive background across all aspects of the field of controlled release and transitioning technologies from the lab to the market.

New Post-Doctoral Fellow Position available! 

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