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NSERC CREATE ContRoL Training Program

The NSERC CREATE Controlled Release Leaders (ContRoL) program aims to equip trainees at all levels with the tools they need to lead the integrated and accelerated development of next-generation controlled release vehicles via collaborative, interdisciplinary partnership between universities and industry partners, linked with non-profit organizations.

What can we achieve with the Training Program?

Trainees will be provided the resources to learn and make transformative impacts in developing controlled release technologies through a combination of technical and job-ready skills training while helping our industry partners to design innovative controlled release solutions for the pharmaceutical, personal care, medical devices, agriculture, and food/nutraceuticals industries. Recent advances in materials science (smart materials, self-assembly), biology (targeting, biomanufacturing), and engineering (statistical optimization, machine learning, high-throughput screening) are enabling the creation of next-generation controlled release technologies to make patient therapeutics safer, more effective, and more convenient, advance precision agriculture to ensure food security, create new functional foods for preventing disease, and design new biomedical devices.

Trainees will experience:

  • Career mentoring

  • Integrative courses

  • Design sprint

  • Industry placements

  • Exchanges

  • Entrepreneurship modules

  • Scientific communications training

  • Industry skills

  • Mentorship & networking

  • External conferences

  • Partnerships

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