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Post-Doctoral Positions

The Hoare Lab is seeking a Post-Doctoral Fellow that will be a full participant in the NSERC CREATE Training Program for Controlled Release Leaders (ContRoL). If you are interested, submit a CV and a cover letter indicating your interest in the position by emailing Dr. Hoare. More details in the job posting below!

Job Posting: 


Master's (M.A.Sc.) and Ph.D. Positions

Master’s (M.A.Sc.) and Ph.D. positions are regularly available in the Hoare lab. If you are interested in being considered for such a position, please forward a letter of interest and a CV to Dr. Hoare.  If you have an external scholarship (NSERC, OGS, or the like), positions are available at any time – contact Dr. Hoare for more information. 

Undergraduate Positions

Undergraduate students looking to volunteer for research or looking for a summer research position, please contact Dr. Hoare at any time - we may be able to accommodate depending on the state of the ongoing projects in the lab.  Be sure to consider applying for the NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA) program (applications typically due early February).

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